My Amazing Events
My Amazing Events

                                                                               My Amazing Events 

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People remember a great event, a gala dinner or an amazing car event a wedding or party for ages. That is why we as My Amazing Events company not only deliver an outstanding variety of services, venues, hotels , caterers, bands to meet your requirements, but also support you in coordinating the entire event with our talent for organization, our staff, and our equipment. Whether it is a family party at your home or a large celebration in a rented location, our experienced team will develop a fitting culinary program and the right ideas to turn your event into an unforgettable experience.

Gala Dinners, Parties and Weddings.

                 Perfect Events, Gala Dinners ,Weddings and parties are our passion.

                                                    Your event your experience 

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Marquee Events

                                       Your partner for unforgettable celebrations

We turn your event into an experience. We offer the right venue, caterer and event planner to make sure that you enjoy a stress free occasion. Whether it is a company party, a wedding, a birthday or a Gala dinner or any other event, we always focus on what makes your event Amazing . Our staff has many years of experience to ensure high-quality products and a perfect visual presentation. Our caterers  always  prepare and create  fresh menus  for your event. Naturally, we can also arrange to try samples of individual dishes or menu courses for you .What ever type of service we can arrange for you,bulter service can be arranged for the duration of your event.  

At My Amazing Events we plan elegant, stylish, glamorous and fun celebrations and are the Luxury Wedding Planners and event planners for sophisticated couples and companies who demand first class service .We look after pop stars to princesses for their weddings or events in London and the UK to destination weddings in Europe , Dubai and beyond, At My Amazing Events we strive to be one of the best at what we do .Our discerning, international client base includes aristocrats, high-spend public figures clients and couples seeking unique and surprising celebrations.


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